Turning Dreams Into Realities

Weddings have always been something special to Angie. She loves helping with them in any capacity and when it came time for her daughter’s wedding and then her son’s wedding, she made sure every detail was thought of and executed..

Making their wedding days into something they will never forget became her passion. Angie has had a dream to own a wedding venue for years.

She has been planning, researching, and helping with other weddings to ensure that one day when she did open her own venue, it would be the best of everything!

Rob understood her passion and agreed to turn the dream into a reality. Together they will help you make sure that your wedding day is the Best.Day.Ever.

Why Choose Us

After a number of events, weddings, and matrimonials, our target has been towards different niches. Our services and listings have been reviewed and spoken of as the most unique Northwest Minnesota special event venues. Customers wanting an enclosed experience with an intimate event may find The Venue as the ideal indoor event venue in Northwest Minnesota. The rising attraction towards getaway parties has also granted us to host different age groups and make sure not a sad face goes back. The reviews have spoken for themselves and made us one of the best indoor event venues in Northwest Minnesota. We have been bound to provide unparalleled service to our clients and have been moving towards various achievements, such as the following…

The Venue at Copper Ridge offers not only a place for a beautiful wedding, but also an event space for all of your needs. Customers wanting an enclosed experience with an intimate event may find The Venue as the ideal indoor event venue in Northwest Minnesota.

The Venue is a twist on modern rustic, providing customers with picture worthy moments. Spacious separate bridal and groom suites gives your bridal party the perfect space to get ready for the day. Accommodating up to 400 guests, all spaces climatized, full caterer’s kitchen, and a full bar, the Venue will make sure your wedding or event is The.Best.Day.Ever!

Corporate Event Venue in Newfolden, Minnesota

Other than delivering a nuanced and top-notch encounter at The Venue, our professionalism requires us to provide the utmost gratitude towards our guests. Our corporate clients have been satisfied time and time again, heading off with an energetic vibe and a refreshed mind. Our services include:

Meeting Facilities

For all such clients wanting a separate conference area to discuss their business or to have a formal discussion, we provide an exclusive conference area.

Tailored Services

In accordance with each corporate client, we tend to provide them with the utmost hospitality and cater to their needs in accordance with their preferences and budgets. Our itinerary plans make sure you have the best time, never leaving out a second of boredom.

Contact Us

We’d love to connect with you about hosting your event at The Venue at Copper Ridge!